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The Manage Waypoints page lets you add, change and delete waypoints. Waypoints can be tracked using the Navigate page, or used in a route.

Creating and Editing Waypoints

Tap the New button in the application bar to create a new waypoint (see fingure a, below). To change an existing waypoint, find it in the list and tap on it.

Create Waypoint page   Edit Waypoint page
Figure a Figure b

When entering coordinates you can tap the N or E buttons to change from a Northern to Southern laitude, or Eastern to Western longitude. Use the Settings page to change the coordinate format from degrees to degrees, minutes and seconds.

Deleting Waypoints

To delete a waypoint, select it as you would for editing. Once the waypoint is displayed, tap the Trash Can button in the application bar. You will be asked to confirm the delete, as shown in figure c below.

Delete Waypoint confirmation
Figure c
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