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Starting a trip lets you track your progress along a route. Start a trip by tapping the Start button on the Navigate, Track, Attitude or Trip Computer page.

Choose your mode of travel to specify the frequency of updates to your trip using the following as a guide:

  • Walking
  • Every second
  • Cycling
  • Every 3 seconds
  • Skiing
  • Every 3 seconds
  • Sailing
  • Every 5 seconds
  • Driving
  • Every 10 seconds

    Optionally tap the List button to choose a route to follow from the routes list page (see figure a, below). If no routes exist, use Manage Routes to create a new route.

    List Routes page
    Figure a

    When you're ready, tap the Play button in the application bar to start recording your trip. You will now see a red Recording indicator at the top of the Navigate, Track, Attitude and Trip Computer pages indicating that your trip is being recorded. To stop recording, tap the Stop button in the application bar.

      Start a Trip page