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The Manage Routes page lets you add, change and delete routes. Routes consist of a series of waypoints, which are followed in sequence on trips.

Creating and Editing Routes

Tap the New button in the application bar to create a new route (see fingure a, below). To change an existing route, find it in the list and tap on it to make changes as shown in figure b, below.

Create Route page   Edit Route page
Figure a Figure b

Adding and Removing Waypoints

Swipe to the Waypoints page to add and remove waypoints. Add a waypoint to a route by tapping the Plus button near the top of the page (see figure c, below). Remove a waypoint by tapping the Trash Can button next to the waypoint you wish to remove.

Route Waypoints page   Create Waypoint page
Figure c Figure d

Note that removing a waypoint from a route will not delete the waypoint. Use the Manage Waypoints page to permanently delete waypoints. If the Waypoints page (figure d) doesn't contain any waypoints, create a waypoint as described in Manage Waypoints.

Deleting Routes

To delete a route, select it as you would for editing. Once the route is displayed, tap the Trash Can button in the application bar. You will be asked to confirm the delete, as shown in figure e below.

Delete Route confirmation
Figure e

Note that deleting a route will only delete it and the references to the waypoints it contains. The waypoints themselves will not be deleted. To delete waypoints see Manage Waypoints.

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