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The Navigate page contains a compass rose which always points in the direction of travel. The compass rose also contains two bearing pointers which are only visible when waypoints have been selected (see Waypoint Selection, further down).

The Recording indicator is shown at the top of the page if a trip is in progress. If the GPS signal is initialising, off or weak, a GPS warning is shown next to the Recording indicator.

Bearing Pointer

The orange bearing pointer indicates the direction of the waypoint relative to your position, and the course deviation. The bar in the middle of the pointer will move to the left or right depending on the magnitude of the difference between the waypoint bearing and your current course. Each little circle marks a 5° deviation. This means you're on course when the moving bar is aligned with the bearing pointer. If the bar is at the extreme left or right of the pointer you're 15° or more off course.

Waypoint Selection

To navigate towards a specific location, tap on one of the two waypoint indicators at the bottom left and right of the page. The primary waypoint is orange, and at the left. The secondary waypoint is green, and to the right. Tapping either of the waypoint indicators will show the Waypoint page shown in figure a, below:

Select Waypoint page   List Waypoints page
Figure a Figure b *

Tap the Select button on the application bar to select a waypoint to track from the Waypoints page shown in figure b, above. Once a waypoint has been selected, its distance and bearing from your location are shown in the Waypoint page. Tap Ok on the application bar to begin tracking the waypoint. To stop tracking a waypoint, tap the Cancel button instead.

If the Waypoints page (figure b) doesn't contain any waypoints, create a waypoint as described in Manage Waypoints.

* Yes, I know. I misspelt Fourth.

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