The Attitude page contains an artificial horizon that displays your (or your vehicle's) attitude, i.e. roll and pitch. Roll is shown to the right of the artificial horizon, and pitch below. These indicators can be useful when traversing a slope, or ascending or descending slopes.

The Recording indicator is shown at the top of the page if a trip is in progress. If the GPS signal is initialising, off or weak, a GPS warning is shown next to the Recording indicator.


Some points are worth making about the artificial horizon:

  • The artificial horizon uses your phone's accelerometer.
  • An accelerometer measures acceleration, and is subject to gravity.
  • An accelerometer is not a gyroscope, and can therefore not measure yaw.
  • The pitch and roll measurements can only be accurate when the phone is held perfectly still.

Based on the above, yes, using acceleration and gravitational pull to measure angles is a bit of a cheat. But it is effective enough to be useful, if its limitations are borne in mind.

Don't use Offroad GPS as an alternative or backup for an artificial horizon in an aeroplane. You'll find that when the aeroplane banks left or right that the accelerometer shows a 0° roll, whereas the aircraft's artificial horizon accurately displays the aircraft's actual roll.

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