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Offroad GPS is a Windows Phone 7 application. It provides navigation services for activities that don't make use of public roads, such as walking, running, skiing, sailing or overland (off-road) driving. Features include:

  • Track two waypoints
  • Track your progress
  • View pitch and roll
  • Trip computer
  • Manage trips
  • Manage routes
  • Manage waypoints
  • Backup and restore your data
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The following enhancements are planned for future releases of Offroad GPS:

  • Windows desktop application.
  • A revised user interface that doesn't use the Pivot control.
  • OpenStreetMap integration.
  • Odometer.
  • Distance tracking.
  • Interact integration.
  • Application help links.
  • Altitude alarms.
  • Speed alarms.
  • Roll and pitch alarms.

Preview of the direction-up/north-up map that may be included in an update:

Direction Up    North Up
Map Map