I am:

  • A father
  • A snowboarder
  • A computer programmer
  • A scuba diver
  • A twin
Cape Town, January 2017
Cape Town, January 2017

The personal stuff:

I grew up in Africa, have lived in Munich, Seattle, Berlin, London and Frankfurt. I’ve been to 32 countries, and am fluent in three languages. I've jumped out of aeroplanes, experienced the tail-end of the border war and have titanium in my shoulder.

Personal projects include this web site, Interact, and building radio controlled cars.

The professional stuff:

I’ve been programming computers since 1986. I helped build Africa's first online banking web site, wrote tariffing engines for mobile phone operators in Europe, and designed a secure remote access solution for the Ministry of Defense in the UK. More recently I prototyped Nokia Maps for Windows Phone. Organisations I've worked for include EDS, Microsoft, and Nokia.

These days I guide the definition, design, implementation and operation of large software systems. I manage people, process, and projects, as well as quality, security and governance/operational objectives. I also speak at events about making software, being an IT architect, and IT consulting.

The technical stuff:

Wittenburg.co.uk is getting old now. It's a multi-layered and multi-tiered client/server application I put together in 2012. It consists of this web site, which displays content, and a Windows client, which manages content using store-and-forward -based synchronisation. More information is available here.


Last update: 8/14/2018

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