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Profanity warning

Went bodyweight because you only need your body. And of course that's bullshit. My first piece of equipment was an improvised bar for inverted rows. The setup is simple, if suicidal. Curtain rail, rope, two bowlines, and a staircase. I'd put my feet on the wood box and hope the cardboard box breaks my fall if the bar breaks.

Improvised inverted row bar

It felt as unsafe as it looked, and so the first thing I bought was a pull-up bar. It's ok, but came off the door about 6 weeks after I got it and I almost killed myself. No, not literally.

Commercial pull-up bar

Counting sets can actually get difficult. My mind wanders and I'd forget whether I'd done 2 or three and when you're shitting bricks on crunches you don't want to be doing more than you have to. Enter the abacus (stole this one from my 6 y/o).

Set countter abacus

Oh and timing. Specifically, rest periods between sets. Sometimes the set itself. At first I counted off in my head. Then I switched to a stopwatch app I wrote in 2014. And then at some point I remembered my old-school chronograph and started using that. But given what I do for a living I want to go and over-engineer something, so I'm working on a proper timer app of my own (the stuff in the Google Play store is festering gob-shite).

Exercise timers

Then I stole my girlfriend's yoga mat for lying leg raises. With some ammo boxes I use for storage I was able to do feet-elevated push-ups and Rear Foot Elevated Bulgarian Split Squats (WTF who thinks these names up?!?).

Setup for feet elevated exercises

Almost three months into training I realized cardio had to happen too, and... jump rope! I've been in awe of skipping ever since seeing Rocky. The jump rope on the left was the one I bought in January. Ball bearings in the handles and a cord (cable!) that bitch-slaps you right proper if you don't do it right. The one on the right is from Buddy Lee (author of Jump Rope Training).

Photography setup

Of course you can't skip on carpet without wearing it out, so I got some EVA mats. Useful for protecting the floor from kettlebells, too.

Jump Rope Mat

Speaking of kettlebells. Bodyweight. You know how when you read that word it's inevitably followed by the promise of not needing any equipment? Well, no. Pull-up bars, rails for dips, straps, a box for box jumps, weights for weighted pull-ups... Fucking cock smokers always want you to buys something. And as I was going to spend money anyway I abandoned bodyweight and switched to kettlebells, which I've had some exposure to after a shoulder injury and then through Krav Maga.

Anyway, my girlfriend uses the 8kg one. Then there's 2 x 12kg, 2 x 16kg, and one is 20kg. I dig it.


My training space now (late February 2019) looks like this:

Training space

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