Windows 8 Shortcuts


Windows Key Shortcuts

  • [Win]+[.] - Snap WinRT apps to alternate sides
  • [Win]+[Shift]+[. ] - Switch WinRT app sides
  • [Win]+[Plus] or [Win]+[Minus] - Zoom in/out
  • [Win]+[Arrow keys] - snap desktop apps to left, right, top or bottom
  • [Win]+[Break] - System Info
  • [Win]+[C] - Charms menu
  • [Win]+[D] - Desktop
  • [Win]+[E] - Internet Explorer
  • [Win]+[F] - Find files
  • [Win]+[K] - Devices
  • [Win]+[I] - Settings in any app
  • [Win]+[Print Screen] - Saves a screen shot as a .png into the Pictures folder
  • [Win]+[R] - Run
  • [Win]+[Tab] - Switch between full-screen apps (Alt+Tab switches between all apps)
  • [Win]+[X] - Administrative tools
  • [Win]+[W] - Search Control Panel settings

Other Shortcuts

  • [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Up/Down/Left/Right] - Rotate screen (upside-down,right-side-up, to the left, to the right)

Shutting down

  • Press [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Del], and touch/click on the power button in the bottom right corner.
  • Type [Win]+[I] and touch/click on power.
  • From the desktop, press [Alt]+[F4].

When Windows 8 shuts down, the low-level system state (kernel/session 0) is saved to the hard drive, just like hibernation. Then when you boot, only drivers need to be re-initialized. To cold start (without hibernating the kernel), select Restart from the shutdown menu, or run

shutdown /s /full /t 0

Windows Images

Creating and restoring a custom W8 image.

Windows 8.1 Update (18 Oct. 2013)

Start Screen and Start Button options and configurations

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