• Polarised screen filter - hide data displayed on a monitor in a public environment (YouTube video, DIY).
  • Tor - communicate online anonymously (free software).
  • TLS - encrypt communication online (Wikipedia article).
  • Silent Circle - encrypt peer-to-peer texts, phone calls, video calls, and file transfers from mobile phones (commercial software).
  • License plate flipper - amusing.
  • Qubes - A secure operating system that runs each app in a separate virtual machine (VM). If a VM is compromised, the host and remaining VMs are not put at risk.
  • Tails - An operating system that can be started on any computer from a DVD, USB stick, or SD card. Preserves privacy and anonymity (free software).
  • OTR - keep instant messaging conversations private (free software)
  • TrueCrypt - encrypt hard drives and USB sticks (free software).
  • BleachBit - recover disk space, and securely delete files (free software).
  • PasswordSafe - encrypt passwords (free software).
  • Lock picking - PDF version available here.
  • Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit - EMET anticipates and protects against the most common actions adversaries might use in compromising a computer (free software).
  • - fake name generator (simple), doesn't requrie an account
  • Fake Name Generator - fake identity generator (lots of options, including country), requires account for SSN
  • Prism Break - tools to opt out of data surveillance

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