Project Deliverables


This post is part of a series on IT consulting.

The documents below contain guidance and, in some cases, examples of specific topics or deliverables that may (or not) be required to deliver an IT project. I use them mostly as a sanity check and to ensure that I haven't forgotten anything.

Envisioning     Planning Developing Testing Deploying
Project Structure Project Schedule Test Specification Pilot Review Post Project Analysis
Risk Assessment Deployment Sample Testing and Bug Report Release Signoff Form Project Close Out Report
Vision/Scope Specifications Traceability_Audit    
  Business Requirements      
  User Requirements      
  System Requirements      
  Operations Requirements      
  Usage Scenarios      
  Functional Specification      
  Conceptual Design      
  Logical Design      
  Physical Design      
  Master Project Plan      
  Availability Plan      
  Backup and Recovery Plan      
  Budget Plan      
  Capacity Plan      
  Communications Plan      
  Deployment Plan      
  Development Plan      
  End user Support Plan      
  Migration Plan      
  Monitoring Plan      
  Performance Plan      
  Pilot Plan      
  Purchasing and Facilities Plan      
  Security Plan      
  Support Plan      
  Test Plan      
  Training Plan      

These templates are largely based on version 3 of the Microsoft Solutions Framework and, if I remember correctly, some of Steve McConnell's document templates.

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