Choosing a station on the London Underground


Slick said:


   n = number of chicks
   h(o) = average hotness, as a function of the observer of the chick, o

Then if:

   f(n, o) = n * h(o)

It makes sense to head for a stop where f is high. The danger is you could land up at a station with five hundred mingers, for example:

   n = 500
   h(wittenburg) = 7
   => f (n, o) = 3500

Of course, some of us have more discerning taste

   n = 500
   h(slick) = 0.1
   => f(n, o) = 50

Which is how I landed up at Barbican and you guys at West Finchley.

Then Jimme said:

You forgot two key points. The key variable, b, the number of beers comprising the goggle factor, g(o, b) = o * b^3 and smit's "loveliness index," l for a given station, i. Then you can restate

   f(i, n, o, b) = h(o) * b * g(o, b) * l(i) * n

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