Debt Register

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Debt is a metaphor for the consequences of organisational, software design, or software development compromises made within a codebase or project. The debt describes work that needs to be done before a job is considered complete. Debt makes it difficult to implement changes, thereby acumulating interest until it's repaid. Organisational and technical debt increase software entropy.

The debt register assists the organisational and technical debt management process - debt is identified and, once analysed, a plan is devised to repay the debt. Finally, progress against the plan is tracked.

1 Identify - Debt identification allows individuals to record debt so that the organisation becomes aware of it.
1 Analyse - Debt analysis prioritises debt captured during the identification step. Prioritisation enables teams to focus on debt with the highest impact.
1 Plan - Debt planning uses data from debt analysis to formulate strategies, plans, and actions in the form of tasks.
1 Track - Debt Tracking monitors the status of debt tasks and the progress in their respective action plans.